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About Kofor Yassef Baptist Church

Kfar Yassef Baptist Church

Kofor-Yassef Baptist church was founded in 1940, as a result of a revival in eastern Jordan and Palestine, because of an amazing event that occurred to the sister Mrs.Em Saleem Kawaar, in Amman (Jordan) in 1933.

Thereafter Mr.Majed Kawaar (R.I.P) came from Jordan and simultaneously started to speak about Jesus and the salvation, during home assemblies that took place in Galilee including Kofor-Yassef village, at this time Mr.Saleem Jiries Shehadeh accepted Jesus Christ a savior.


A youth groups were assembling in a room that belongs to an Evangelical Church in Kofor Yassef , these meetings continued for many years witch called "Brothers Meeting", there was a plenty number of youth whom participated in these assemblies, besides a lot had baptized. They were assembling every Friday evening, and then they changed it to Thursday evening, while the "Breacking of Bread" and the Fellowship every Sunday morning.


Salem Shehadeh & Yousef OdehIn the years of the 1960s, Mr.Slaeem Shehadeh devoted himself to serve God, with help from Pastor Yousef OdehPastor Esaa Saieed and a foreign brother Mr. Wold whom helped for ten years.


 In year 1972, Pastor Yousef Odeh felt that he should leave his work as a merchantman and also to devote himself full-time to the ministry, and so he did. With help from Mr.Fareed Sabbah  (from Shfaraam), Mr.Sleem Helwe, and Mr.Saad Banna.




In this year , as a result of God's sweeping of Kofor-Yassef and Galilee with a revival , a lot of young and elders have joined, and the church became an effective participant with lots of churches in Galilee, especially whith pabtist. After a short period of time, the church had joined the Baptist Churches convention, wich became an effective member, and witch led up to cooperation and combined conferences between the churches.



  In this period the church's name was modified from "Brothers Meeting" to" Local Kofor-Yassef's Church" to "Evangelical Baptist Church".


In the beginning of the 1970s, Pastor Ashraf Abshay came to this village and served in the church till the 1995. Subsequently God sent the Pastor Endrawos Abu Ghazali to serve there, as for the fellowship and the hymns leadership, the youth took this responsibility because of God's invitation.

Pastor Ashraf Abshay Pastor Anrawos Abu Ghazali

In the year 2001, one of the church's member obeyed the voice of God, by leaving his job as a high school teacher and an electrical engineer to devote himself totally in serving God, Pastor Khalid Dalleh, thereafter appointed a pastor in the first of April 2001, whom became the shepherd of Kofor-Yassef's Church, while the youth took most of  the responsibilities in this church with the holy spirit guidance.

Pastor Khalid Dally

 God still working and blessing us through his faithful servants in the church, and thank God for the people that accept Jesus and join our church. 

Pray For This Ministry

Numbers: The number of the people whom baptized is 100, part of them turned to the Glory of God, part married and lived outside the village, part the world's life attracted them and left God's grace, our prayer that God will return them to his bosom.  the number of weddings between the years 1978-2003 is ten